Incentives to play more

NOTE: Not sure if this is the right board to post it in. Help me out if its not :s I'm pretty sure this probably has been discussed about before (If it hasn't then im shocked) since League is quite a few years old now. Can we get more incentives to keep playing? Something like, you get new summoner icons by completing in game challenges similar to how the bilgewater event is. (e.g. kill 500 minions --> kill 2000 minions -> kill 5000 minions -> ... and like get 100 assists -> get 500 assists -> get 1000 assists ->...) And for each stage you get at, you get a new summoner icon, or IP gift or something of the sort. I can see huge potential in it and it'd give people who don't really wanna play league competitively something to do. Not everyone is grinding away at normals to get better, some play it with friends. Some play it because they don't want the tension of playing ranked. Thoughts?
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