What's up with the wait time when selecting jungle for Primary and top or mid Secondary.

I'ts almost like I have no choice but to select support. Regardless Primary or Secondary. If you see this game from my perspective there really isn't a lot of freedom for players to do what we want. Feels like i'm forced to pick support for players who don't want to play support. Makes sense ? So why should I gain so little LP for a victory and lose more from a defeat ? Should I wait up to 5 minutes. Who wants to wait that long for a match. I think there should be a new lobby page. Have our own individual lobby and we can see everyone else and allow players to select any Champion and read it's strength and weaknesses. There needs to be more to this game. I'm kinda lost with the whole skins thing and the naming of Champions. Please save your guys energy time and money on Champion names. Talking about "Pool Party' or "SKT" ect... When you change a Champions name tittle you change the back ground story line and not only that a lot of the skins now looks like another Champion. Poppy and Tristan look basically identical. Frostblade Irelia looks like Ahri due to Irelia's eyes and short hair. Do they even care about how skins look ? Miss Fortune. She's a pirate bounty hunter not an arcade character. Make better pirate skins perhaps ? Dota 2 you have the option to customize your Champion to suit the story line and keep the original name. Create Champions from any time frame, past, future or present and stick with that world. You guys are already doing it, just in the wrong kind of way. I understand this is a money making business I get that. But where's the player to profile experience ? We have our own summoner profile but can't do much with it other than setting runes and mysteries. We need a new MOBA who can offer us the full gaming experience.
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