OK what?

I have 15 key shards 0 chest...wtf man. On this acc i only and strictly play 3 champs, Yasuo, Diana and Viktor, how the fuck you gonna give me 15 key shards and no chest, i've earned the 3 chest from playing good with them and thats it? You give me shit to open chest with and you don't give me more ways to earn chest? I am a 3 trick player how am i suppose to get this any other way??? That's like giving someone free are keys but no cars to unlock them with... The point is make this chest more accessible through in game i don't wanna have to buy stuff of you just so i can use what i already have...Also i feel like playing some champs cause being a 3 trick is kinda limiting tho i do have a 75% win rate =L So Straw poll
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