Does anyone else keep a dodge list?

the amount of games were ive had someone purposely feed or troll, where after reporting nothing gets done. So pretty much i started recording everyones names into a list that I check each time in champion select and i know its worth it than to play with those people. its honestly so sad that it comes to this. I'm typing this right now in game where someone got ** autofilled support** so they pick yi with cleanse and smite and just smited my first buff and then insta gave it to enemy mid laner. I know that my entire team and some from the enemy team might report (although I doubt this because they got a free win) but he won't get banned because Riot doesnt care if people do this for only one game despite all the proof, like saying "so im supporting the enemy team" aswell as the game recording that shows him just smiting my camps as I try to do them. He claims to have an account in challenger, anyway my point is this worse than any toxic player, toxicity is mutable but purposely feeding and ruining a _ranked_ game is just appaling and the worst part is this person will get 0 punishment for it. The boards say no witch hunting which is kinda dumb because it so easy to just check the posters match history and see which person they are talking about. In summary I urge you to avoid this person at all costs and also try creating your own dodge list. _EDIT: Yeah after my entire team and some of theirs reported yi, look who i got in my next game _ _Image Removed_ . > ** REPORTING DOES NOTHING, GET A DODGE LIST**
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