Having A Terrible Computer While Playing League.

Now, I started playing League a lot when i got my own computer (had to use a Steve Jobs era mac desktop before) the only thing is that this computer is just slow and trash. My parents said it was for "school" but really my school was never tech based so i got a crappy ASUS laptop for 500 bucks, and i started playing league on it. Back then I didn't know what computer limitations were and I thought 500 was a fair price for a good working computer and boy was i wrong. It runs about 25 fps normally, drops to 15 in teamfights and just becomes unusable most of the times and reaches 2 fps. Anyway, I've had this for two years, and I know it's time to get a good computer that could run it better, and I'm saving up money ( (Money's hard to get when you're a fourteen year old, okay!) so I'm still about two months out of getting a good computer to run it on, because my cousin has a good computer and blah blah he'll give it to me for a lower price. But for those two months i need to see what i can do to make it that my computer doesn't crash or bugsplat every 2 games. Can anyone just give some tips on how to make my computer not go trash for the remainder of it's existance?
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