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***Free Coaching Sessions*** Hey guys, it's me again with another coaching gig up for grabs. It's a little different this time, so please read up for all the info you might need. --ABOUT ME-- So just a little back ground on me. I'm currently diamond 5 (peaked d4 solo queue) support main. I've coached and managed several teams throughout my 6 seasons of league. I've also played on several ranked teams, with my peak team being approximately Diamond 2, before i had to drop due to not being able to commit enough hours into the team. I've also hit high gold/plat on several other accounts (on several servers- G1 ADC on NA atm) practicing different roles such as jungle and ADC. I'd say my weakest role is top lane right now. --WHAT I'M OFFERING-- I'm offering someone the chance to significantly improve their league of legends gameplay. If you take my advice on board, do the training exercises i recommend, and are committed to improving- i can almost guarantee you'll hit gold next season. I'm looking to spend at least 1 hour, once a week over the course of several months, helping you improve your gameplay. Please note, this is a huge commitment from me (and most professional coaches charge $40+ an hour). --WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR-- I'm looking for someone committed. Seriously committed to improving their ability at league of legends. Someone who will treat coaching seriously. Someone who feels they can achieve so much more than they are currently. Also, due to me not being challenger, or a professional coach, the following restrictions apply: -Age 18+ -Currently between B1-G5 [and have not surpassed G5 at any point]. -Have some form of voice comms [skype/discord/ts/cv]. -Are not currently banned, or chat restricted. -Be available at least once a week [holidays/personal days excluded]. -Punctual [if we set a time, be on time]. --HOW DO I APPLY-- Pretty simple. Post your IGN below. I'll send you a friend request and whenever you see me online, send me a message. I'll ask a couple of questions and watch a game or two (at random). Ill be picking 1 (one) guy and 1 (one) girl. If no girls apply, i will pick 2 (two) guys. I encourage everyone to apply. --WHEN DO APPLICATIONS CLOSE-- Applications close at the end of the current season. On November 8 12:01AM AEDT, no further applications will be considered. Your eligibility will depend on where you finish season 6 (so anyone below bronze 1, you've got 7 days!). If you hit gold- congratulations! Applications for gold 4+ players will be considered in exceptional circumstances (i.e. you have heaps of potential and i think i can foster that potential). Thanks for reading, and good luck to everyone in their adventures on the rift.
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