Definitely Not RGM Facts

I feel like a voice here for a very broken record on a topic that seems to be continuously either ignored, or swept under the rug... And it's not addressed why. Which is the selective process of the "Rotating Game Modes"... I would like to formally showcase a few collective facts from community views, that I spent a small portion of this morning gathering. **_subject to human error, this was manual collection not automated_ From what I can gather, there are **potentially** 13 different game mode variants all available to the RGM. (Ascension, Black Market Brawlers, Dominion, Doom Bots, Hexakill, Nemesis Draft, Nexus Siege, One for All, Snowdown Showdown, URF, Legend of the Poro King, Mirror mode, Definitely not Dominion). Which as far as I can tell, DND was a direct replacement for Dominion, but I could be wrong there. 4 months ago RGM was announced, and implemented on 08/04, kicking off with Ascension. Since it's inception (including upcoming at time of this post), we have/will have seen the repetition of the following game modes; Ascension: 4 Nexus Siege: 3 Hexakill: 4 Legend of the Poro King: 3 One For All: 3 Ultra Rapid Fire: 2 Definitely Not Dominion: 2 Nemesis Draft: 1 22 game modes will have been completed up to the current schedule, with only 8 of the potential 13 modes making the cut. Of the 16 RGM schedule posts made since, there have been an overall total of 829 posts made from the community voicing their thoughts, after L4T3NCY suggests the community do just that. Give feedback. Of the potential 829 community members who took the time to voice their thoughts, here is a quick graph of what everyone is talking about in the RGM schedules and the game modes they would like to see (your feedback). The below image depicts ONLY people that specifically suggested a specific mode they want to play. It does not count those simply talking about a game mode in general (just to clear that up first). []( As you can see, 19% of people are wanting Ultra Rapid Fire which has only happened twice (the bare minimum Riot announced would appear this year, so potentially no more) and 11% of people wanting Doom Bots, which from what I can tell has been boxed away for the last 2 years yet to see the light of day again. This is feedback only from people actively taking time to voice their feedback on the forums, a hugely small portion of the Oceanic player base as a whole. Since we all know the meaning of the word Rotate is defined as "pass to each member of a group in a regularly recurring order", it pains me (and many others) to see more game modes come up more frequently than others, and others not even come up at all. Surely, amongst all this feedback, and numerous posts about it, someone can and will eventually answer why this Rotating Game mode is not true to its name, and actually rotating them all (or atleast the ones that are not being re-worked). No game mode needs to be permanent, nor does it need to be overplayed more than others. Play them all equal amount of times, in a regular rotating fashion. The current system is making certain game modes stale already (not my own opinion, the communities). If they are all played once through the queue of available game modes, without being repeated until each has been played, the community will get more game modes of the ones they enjoy, and less of the ones they don't enjoy. Again, community feedback. Will this issue be addressed, or continually hushed under the table to appear its not even an issue at all?

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