Riot's Loot Crafting=scam

So I have spent $1500 on this game. About $400-600 since Riot brought in the crafting system... I'm starting to feel so robbed. You get the skin shard of a legendary or any skin and you then have to pay for it again. You have to disenchant around 5 champ skins just to get 1 decent skin... I never did the math but it never adds up. The chances of getting crap you already own are too dam high. All in all I'd say you are essentially paying $10 and getting $3-$4 back.. I can tell you it's not worthit. You aren't unlocking skins permanently as much as you'd imagine. . There's no cap on how many of the same skin shard or champs you can have. 14.2k Blue essence (already own all champs, now what?!) and 2.2k orange essence.... No amount of money makes this system work. I only ever sell copies or ones that are worth more than 170 orange essence. I have 107 skin shards but it'd defeat the whole purpose to disenchant them for the good skins! I'd rather pay the $10 for the skins up front. At least I'd have more that are actually worth it! Now I just have a whole bank of skin shards that I would have to destroy most of them for about 20-30 skins.... There aren't that many Legendary and all the other expensive ones... Any one else agree or disagree? I just feel I should have more to show for it. It's like 2k RP for 10 boxes and you can get so much crap in the boxes.. So many champs or skins u already own, copies or just crap ones..{{item:3123}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3070}}
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