The life of a Support.

Support: "I warded your wards so I could clear your wards while I ward". Once a team has an advantage, it's GG because the whole enemy team knows where you are and when; it's only a matter of split pushing and a few Teleports and it's game over. The losing teams Support often roams around trying to Ward, gets ganked and then the team rages at them and the carry for losing lane because it often costs them the game. Junglers can't do anything and there's no coming back. Sweeping lense sucks for clearing Wards and with an advantage, the enemy teams Jungler often gets the ward clear from Raptors which last for 90 seconds which is a bit bullsh*t. Team comps based around split pushing or other lanes with an advantage can do nothing to compete with an advantage by bot lane because of the toxicity of Supports and their Wards. Pinks are too expensive to counter this heavy Ward effect of a winning bot lane - they serve little purpose other than to be a permanent sneaky ward on certain locations and counter invisible Champions a little too heavily in that they take 5 hits to destroy and most Stealthers are short ranged. It's sad that the game is so heavily reliant on bot lane and that this guarantees Dragons, which means defeat is simply a matter of time - Tank Junglers are too sustained to deal with as they suffer almost no HP loss from doing Dragon and can be present in your Jungle and benefit greatly from tankiness in team fights - hence your own Jungler is rendered ineffective as they gain very little from their Jungle mid game and it's around this time others try to recover from losses by roaming and farming Jungle and it's at this time that Junglers want to lane - but can't because of the heavy support meta so are rendered useless. Their Jungle gets taken, it's useless to them anyway and a lot of their Gold is put into a Jungle specific item - Good Junglers can do little about a fed bot lane and Good top laners can do little about a fed bot lane. We need something to deal with this warding to open up options because half the game is shutting down Champions who are fed and because most supports are deceptively hard to kill or gank as is, ganking fed opponents has become relatively impossible. The game may as well not have Fog of War mid game, as warding is currently and the game may as well be an automatic forfeit once the enemy team has 2 Dragons because once they have map control, there's no taking it back regardless - because of a simple item that is basically undefeatable because of the removal of Oracles Elixir - and everyone taking Sweeping Lense is ineffective as it is such short range and you miss out on too much by not being able to take that little overpowered item yourself. It's a sad day when one lane rules the game and mid lane gankers are losing out to poke mages which makes for stale play and a farm fest leading to a GG due to a small advantage by one Attack Damage Carry & Support duo bot lane. I don't think farming should be as important as trades, but wards win games and a farmed bot lane can afford them - leaving a heavy favour to the leading bot lane and rendering mid lane and top lane relatively uneventful in the outcome of the game.
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