Suspension for This? What even is abusive now....

First off this is the game I just played for which I got a 14 day Suspension, Obviously not on this account, but seriously? An Ezreal that doesnt have an item at 25 minutes and a Diana that engages whether she has 1000 Hp or 1 Hp. This game was a loss from the start and following multiple losses at the hands of trolls and just bad players 'Also myself for playing badly in one or two' I was upset and mad at how every game seemed to be controlled by the deciding factor of, if your mid or adc was bad, you were most likely going to lose. Here's the Chat: Actually, That happens again and Im going to afk. Very honestly cant be bothered with you dickheads CAN YOU FUCKING DODGE FFS EZ! No You suck Im not helping you anymore Cya No, I don't play to get carried, I play to not get insufferable crappy adc's that actually know how to play We already lost, this ez is so bad, his farming is terrible. I don't wanna help win anything Fucking hell, How can you be sooo fucking bad! 24 MINS IN AND YOU DONT HAVE A SINGLE ITEM! YOU FUCKING POTATO! WELL NO ONE SEEMS TO FUCKING UNDERSTAND MY PINGS! PROBABLY CAUSE ALL YOU DIMWITS HAVE AN IQ OF 10! EZREAL< I GOT NEWS FOR YOU, YOU ARE STUPID! THATS WHY WE ARE LOSING! YOUR BUILD LOOKS LIKE A BLOODY PRESCHOOLER PLAYING IN WATER NO SHIT WE CAN"T WIN, YOU GUYS ARE IN MY TEAM! I WISH FOR ONCE THAT I GOT A DECENT TEAM THAT I CAN USE MY SUPPORT SKILLS ON INS' I know I got pretty aggressive there, but how is that comparable 'Abuse' to someone saying Go Kill Yourself, or racist remarks or anything worse, I don't think Riot understand the frustration of a ranked game when nothing is going your way for multiple games and the team does nothing to help you out. I think I will probably be taking a very very long break from this game, and most likely not going to come back. As well as this, I really hope riots player base drops quite dramatically over the next few years and they are forced to re-evaluate their position on how to handle toxic people. Mainly as it takes me all of 10 minutes to get a new account up and running and about 15 days of playing to level to 30 again. I think personally they need to fix alot of things, they are driving people away from the game, Take CSGO as an example, consequences for abusive chat is so minimal it barely exists, yet the game is thriving and new players join every day, as well as that, the consequences for losing games is a lot less, as well as that, your ability to win a game is more based of your own skill as well, 'Feeding' players do nothing as long as a few people play seriously, your skill can outmatch their overall players. In any case, Long story short. Riot is pushing players away with this new system of punishment. And Their game model does nothing to help nurture feelings of friendship within the team you are in. Thirdly, Trolls, Feeders, Afk'er and bad Players have too much control in a team based game, 1 person can lose 4 others a game, entirely on their own whim. Please fix. Thanks!
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