I want Elementalist Lux?

For some reason I want Elementalist Lux... Why do I want $35 skin with icons and a ward? Why did Riot and friends make me want to get her? WHY U DO THIS RIOT?! It's such a nice, beautiful skin, I'm jealous of everyone who has it, especially those who have the Master Elementalist Edition. Nvm I'm told it's not that great but... I still like it and yes, I'm obsessing over a new popular skin. Had to get my thoughts out there. :3 Edit: I finally got it! I think it's sorta kind of worth getting the Master Elementalist Edition if you like it a lot, you get 10 icons (I mean 11 icons) caus they would be 250 RP each which would mean in total of 2500 RP, 10 skins in one and a ward adding up to 1450 RP instead of just getting only the skin (2000 RP) and 5 icons (1,250 RP) aahhhh XD

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