Hello! I'm FerlynYoshimi, Esports Player Manager at Riot OCE, AMA!

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The latest Tweets from ferlyn yoshimi (@ferlynyoshimi). I do esports stuff in Oceania at Riot Games . Manu fan. #AFA stage host, Shoutcaster, TV/radio host. moved from Tokyo to Sydney. English, Japanese, Mandarin. Sydney, Australia
Hello summoners! I'm Ferlyn Yoshimi (Riot Ferlyn) and i do Esports stuff in Riot OCE, mainly this little something called player management I will be here today to answer questions you have about me, my work or anything (almost anything ;p) A little bit about myself, I moved from Tokyo, Japan to Australia just this year to join Riot OCE down in Sunny Sydney! I've been a huge gamer since i was 8, i have an older brother and we would play almost everyday after school, be it PC or Console (heroes III, dungeons and dragons, suikoden!) With my first encounter with league: I've been playing Dota for 2years and my mates started talking about this new game in beta (league of legends), we played and I've never looked back since. I spent the last 6years in Japan doing mostly Anime related work (big big anime fan here), hosting shows/radio shows with Anime voice actors, producers and Anime singers in and around Japan and Asia completely geeking out when i get to work with the artists like T.M Revolution (gundam), MayN (Macross), LiSA (Sword Art Online) and so many more. With eSports, i've been watching league since the Season 1 Championship with Fnatic vs aAa back in 2011 and never stopped since, it really does help increase one's knowledge and understanding of the revolution of esports and League. I started actively working in esports back in 2013 when i got to know a couple of eSports folks in Japan. I helped with player management in Japan with players and teams as well doubled as a shoutcaster in english, japanese and mandarin chinese which was super cool to head over to Shanghai every now and then to cast in mandarin with some awesome Chinese casters! I've also been very lucky to have traveled to massive events like All-stars and Worlds to cover stories for Japanese media which was mind-blowing and solidified how awesome esports is and this is 100% where i want to be! Outside of Esports, gaming and anime, I am a die-hard Manchester United fan! Glory Glory Man United! English premier league, champions league are my other big passions along with F1! I think i have ranted on long enough about who i am, Feel free to ask my anything!
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