events should be a bit like the tft beta pass

events feel really repetitive and boring since the release of prestige kaisa last year. yes, i know league is free and their revenue is dropping but if they were more fun and involved i could almost guarantee you that you’ll get more players and money. complete missions - get points - get rewards. the rewards should be like orbs, champ capsules, ward skins, icons, chromas, etc. and then you can make big money off still selling passes for big money, by making a premium version which gives even bigger rewards, and near the end 100 prestige tokens/the prestige skin. or you could just make them like the odyssey event last year because that was fun dying inside trying to beat odyssey kayn with 2 augments. it had it’s flaws but it was fun either way. also it would be nice if we had the rotating game mode thing come back.

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