Arcade Missions

I'm all for free stuff, thanks Rito. But why make both (free) mission chains map dependent? I only play ARAM (for years), I could count the number of Rift games I've played since season 3 on one hand. I haven't played a single 'normal' game in at least 2 years. Got about 7k ARAMs under my belt. Now, I'm at mission 3 on both chains, and have to play rift to complete them. This sucks, I've long since forgotten about farming/last hitting, Rift strategy and such. I'm just a team fight all day, every day kinda guy. I feel bad for any team that gets matched with me on the Rift, I doubt I'll be much help. Maybe if I stick to jungling, it won't be so bad... /sadpanda.jpg
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