50% win rate = B4

So this is my third season playing ranked. I had a really bad first season back in 2013 and had like a 25% win rate, Then went up to around 45 % in 2014 and finished around B4 went 9 / 10 wins in preseason and dropped into B3. This season ive ive won 50 games lost 50 games. And still havent climbed out of B3 - B4. I get that my bad MMR from season 2013 etc is still effecting my grade ( Which is BS btw Riot) but apart from that.. How does a player that wins every second game and has a healthy kda stuck in the second from the bottom ranking. Surley there are players getting less than 50 % win rate .. How can 95 Of players ( people ranked higher than me ) win more than 50 % of games. Where are all the players winning less than 50 % of their matches ??? The maths doesnt add up.. Is the player base for B5 - B3 massive compared G5 - G3 ??
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