An interesting Revelation i had.

So if you haven't seen it already, this post is a thing telling us the likelihood of getting multiple bad rolls in the new system. And just bringing them here for ease. >When Carl hits level 39, he would have earned a total of ~7,358 IP in the old system. Now he'll have 6,480 blue essence (if every roll was bad which is 0.005%) This is the chance of hitting the bad roll 9 times in a row. >When Carl hits level 40, he would have earned ~8,309 IP in the old system. Now he will have 8,460 blue essence (if every roll was bad which is 0.002%) This is the chances of 10 hits. Now lets work with the first one quickly, to find out the odds of a bad roll occuring multiple times, we have to start with the likelihood of hitting that role, and multiply it by itself 9 times. To get to a roll of 0.005% the percentage of a low roll you need to start with is 33% to get to 0.0046% (slightly lower, so it needs to be increased.) And then doing it again for the 10th time we get to 0.0023% (slightly higher, so it needs to be lowered.) Now assuming Riot just went ahead and rounded the numbers of the Percentages, I have just given you the chance to low roll your BE acquiring the minimum output. 33% chance, now lets add into this fact, that riot have apparently put counter measures in, to assure you don't get this many low rolls, and i would even guess that that would mean, that this chance is in fact higher, and starts to slowly lower the more low rolls you get in a row. But all that said, you have a minimum of 33% chance, to low roll and get the worst BE roll in the game. I wonder why we should be complaining, because sure using the low percentage rates of the low roll multiple times looks good, but it looks worse when you get that to the original number. 810 BE for a level is going to occur at least 33% of the time, and the only time this is beneficial, is if your consistently a casual player, and play only for your first win of the day, if your trying to grind for a champion, you may as well assume your going to low roll, because it is so damn likely to occur.
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