Obligatory rant because i got banned and thats the latest thing to do.

Not even mad that i got banned off one game, i honestly dont give a shit what happens to this account because it placed b5 (despite placing silver in flex, hur dur mmr) No what im tilted about, is that this account got the 14 day ban for being toxic. Not because i bought 6 tear of the goddesses and ran it down mid till i went 1/14 getting a kill purely to reset my kill gold and rub the salt in the wound that even with 6 tears im still better than my team. Start banning for gameplay riot, not nono words. Game 1 KaynMid: but lucian had a wife, how can he be gay KaynMid: fiddle, ask yourself KaynMid: was that ping useful? KaynMid: at all? KaynMid: because all that did was tilt me KaynMid: fiddle can you ping q for me real quick KaynMid: like alt click q KaynMid: i cant dude KaynMid: NOW you use your fear jesus christ KaynMid: you shouldve it at the fucking start KaynMid: it has a slow you know KaynMid: so it keeps him in ult longer KaynMid: jesus fucking christ idiiots everywhere KaynMid: you know fiddle, akali doesnt have a gap closer that goes away from enemies KaynMid: that gap closer is w KaynMid: if ive already used that, and now they standing on top of my w KaynMid: maybe fear them KaynMid: so i can walk away from the w KaynMid: huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuur KaynMid: duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuur KaynMid: mate galio isnt going to fucking leave because you did KaynMid: he isnt going to fuking leave until theres another lane he needs to be at KaynMid: cough cough KaynMid: push a fucking lane KaynMid: I GOT FUCKING CAMPED FUCKWIT KaynMid: AND THE ONLY FUCKING PERSON FUCKING DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT KaynMid: IS BRAIN DEAD KaynMid: yeah KaynMid: because the only person KaynMid: helping me KaynMid: is fucking brain dead KaynMid: so tilted KaynMid: of the face of the fucking planet KaynMid: i dont want KaynMid: thsi fiddle to win KaynMid: because retards KaynMid: deserve KaynMid: tpo ffucking KaynMid: lose KaynMid: IU GOT FUCKING AGFAMPECDF|IIDEEL KaynMid: YOU FUCKING RETAR KaynMid: say one more fucking thing KaynMid: and i dont just int top KaynMid: i int all of them KaynMid: i already have KaynMid: on multiple accounts KaynMid: this is a smurf KaynMid: i dont fucking care what happens to it KaynMid: i KaynMid: got KaynMid: camped KaynMid: you KaynMid: fucking KaynMid: retard KaynMid: one more fucking thing KaynMid: one more KaynMid: straiht down mid KaynMid: try me KaynMid: ok KaynMid: i wil;l KaynMid: no KaynMid: i walk what i talk KaynMid: then heres an idea KaynMid: when im getting camped so hard that im 5 levels down KaynMid: dont make the 1/4 fid help me KaynMid: because he did jack shit KaynMid: actually KaynMid: i reset my kill gold 1 death agao KaynMid: so im worth about 300 again KaynMid: yay i know how kill gold works because im not retarded like you KaynMid: yo let me kill one of you after one more death so i can reset kill gold and be worth 300 again KaynMid: nah you lot talked back KaynMid: i throw games for teams i dont like KaynMid: its why i have like 5 perma'd accounts KaynMid: youre talking back now zed KaynMid: you retarded piece of shit KaynMid: ^ thats called talking back KaynMid: you retard KaynMid: i became a %%%% because of the way you lot play and act KaynMid: like youve queued with me multiple times already KaynMid: you know damn well i start off the game nice KaynMid: then when i notice mistakes KaynMid: i get bitchy KaynMid: want to know why? KaynMid: i dont tolerate fucktards KaynMid: I KaynMid: got KaynMid: camped KaynMid: you KaynMid: retard KaynMid: no mate KaynMid: i ran it down mid KaynMid: because i warned you KaynMid: if you keep talking back KaynMid: id do it KaynMid: and you know what you did KaynMid: you kept talking back KaynMid: poke the bee hive KaynMid: get stung KaynMid: you think you didnt KaynMid: but you did KaynMid: youre just too retarded KaynMid: to realise KaynMid: because only a retard KaynMid: pokes the fucking bear KaynMid: then bitches when they get hurt KaynMid: do it
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