I think the S rank system is kinda messed up...

So I just recently played a game as {{champion:24}} , farming for S ranks for my weekly chest. Then this happened... So I went 11/5/14 as {{champion:24}} , and had the most gold in the team. Still no S rank. This understandable, my score was decent but not really S rank worthy. What REALLY ticked me off was that 3 of the other members of our team received S ranks, our support even getting and S+ I don't understand why a 9/7/7 {{champion:420}} with less gold than me should be granted an S rank while I don't receive one?? Plus, our {{champion:81}} received one also, and he really did no better than I did, in fact, I would say he performed worse. He had one less death that me but I also had 4 more assists (and I had more overall gold) I understand that my CS wasn't the best, but considering that it was 95% jg farm and the game lasted less that 30 mins, I think it was still good enough. If the fact that the number of CS that I had was that big of an influence, I feel like the way these ranks are calculated need to be looked at/possibly changed. (Please note that I also got a quadra kill in this match, but it seems to me like multi kills have no effect on the overall rank)
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