My issue with placements (Don't worry not a 'I got placed lower' moan)

I haven't even done my solo duo placements yet, so this isn't a bitch about being placed lower, you can relax now. :P #A friend in need Im more making this post because of my observations of a friend. The friend that got me into league, is and has always been, better than me at the game. My game sense isn't bad at all, its probably the thing i'm best at, and his is way better. His mechanics are good, he's an ADC main, he plays every ADC very well, and he picks his champions entirely based off allied and enemy team comps. Also, unlike me, he actually bothers to learn about the finer points of the game to try and get ahead. He's been playing for around 7 years now, and just like every other season, he just got placed bronze 5. #The students best the teacher He taught me to play, Ive worked _(side note, NEVER 'placed in')_ my way up to silver every year for several years now, _(and I play shit-all ranked.)_ He taught another one of out friends to play a year or so ago, that friend got placed silver He taught someone that I introduced into the game, and that friend got silver 2 in a placements once. He finally convinced his girlfriend to start playing _**a**_ _**month ago**_, she just got placed silver. She only plays 3 champs... But every season, no matter how many wins he gets in placements, bronze 5. Just because the very first time he played ranked, when he was still new, he didn't do well in his placements. So every year afterwards, because you always get placed lower, he always gets slapped right back at the bottom. He has said many times to me that he doesn't mind being placed low, it just makes the climb more interesting and satisfying. But i've seen his games, and because he's always at the bottom, he gets matched with the most special souls... bless them. #it shouldn't be: Improvement OR Ranked. And seeming we play tons of normals together _(my normals games number way over 4000)_, we have much more accurate mmr in normals, which I think is gold level _(or at least I hope so, seeming there are golds in all our games all the time)_, and he goes from that level of play which challenges both of us, to having his support spend the whole fight walking back and forth deciding wether go in or run away, and failing to do either. I've been in bronze 5 before, and I don't care what anyone says, that shit is wayyyy harder than anything i've seen in silver, or at gold level. It was hell of a lot of work, completely overshadowed by pure luck, that got me out of it. And its not like its 'challenging' hard either, its just 'pointlessly frustrating' hard. So it ends up just defaulting back to normals eventually once the fun has long since drained away, and he's done all he can to climb and gotten nearly nowhere, and fair enough, because when you're playing to have fun, why would you choose to play at that level, instead of a level where you can function as a team and improve yourself? No one improves when you're not playing against people of your own level. It's like going back to pre-school, it doesn't matter how good your grades are, you're still not getting any smarter. #Your mistakes forever haunt you... He made one mistake like 6 years ago in placements, and is still punished for it every season. Meanwhile his Gf who has been playing for just over a month gets placed higher than he's ever got. And we are all very proud and happy for her of course, don't get me wrong! and she's pretty good too. But those where his placements too, he put in just as much effort as she did. But he gets bronze 5 as per usual, just because of the weight of previous years constantly dragging him down, all because he didn't have a caring partner to help him through his first placements years and years ago. What is the point of the system when someone whose skills are clearly more advanced, can't make any headway. When others have higher ranks just dished up and served to them, purely because they happened to have a few good games the first time they played. ____________ #Conclusion So my point is, either placements should mean dick-all and you just get placed at or around your existing rank, so you can just continue the climb from where you left off and don't get your fingers stamped on at the top of the cliff every new season, **OR** they should mean pretty much _everything_, and the start of each new season gives you a second chance at being placed. Obviously this post or any like it will change nothing, this system is more convenient for our holy _'lords-and-saviours'_ at Plat + level, and god-forbid anyone other than them should matter, but it still makes me really annoyed seeing him constantly get this end of the stick, so I just had to say something.
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