Leaver Buster

Hello, I am kinda concerned by this feature: LeaverBuster Recently, I've joined a game. I was playing as Heimerdinger, soloing the mid lane. My opponent started doing some serious damage on me since the very beginning (lvl1). I also got ganged really early. In fact, I started stacking up deaths and feeding mid. The worst of story, is that my team mates didn't answer to my support calls, they are missing enemies and they only think about making more XP to level up quicker. So... one of the players disconnected. it was a 4 vs 5, I was non-intentionally feeding (I was extremely squishy to any attack). I asked for a surrender and the team refuses... To sum up, I was feeding the enemy team, we were obviously loosing and the team still wants to fight. I honestly had NO REASON to stay in that game. So I left. After the game ended, I went to check the enemies.. and I found out they were all lvl25+, my team mates as well, and I was lvl15-16... I got reported for that leave, and I had to wait 5 times 5 minutes. 5 days later, I start a 5 vs 5 blind pick summoners rift. The game goes really hot. Ally Ace, Enemy Ace. Most lane towers down. We got 4 dragon kills. I was the most leveled player of the team, with most kills and probably least deaths. Suddenly, a power cut. My internet is down, I get disconnected and I get reported for leaving... 10 minutes waiting time 5 times again. That's a THANK YOU, for doing so good in a game. cool So I was bored and I started doing other stuff while the 10 minutes waiting queue goes. I came in 1 second late. I missed to accept the match... and I had to wait 10 minutes again. Overall, this Leaverbuster thing is really nasty. It's good to avoid players from leaving matches... but when it comes to something you can't control... then you're stuck with that, Honestly, as a new player, I really dislike this. It's irritating aaaaannd there is NO WAY we can defend ourselves in these situations. Well, if there is a way... it's really not obvious. @Riot, can we please find a better way to bust leavers? I am not talking about ranked games... This is for new players, lvl 1-29. You all know how some dumb people are, and when you end up with a team of dummies... you're pretty much screwed.. and when you play with good people... same thing. This is my bad luck as a new player in League of Legends... much love, Dragoon P.S.: Don't give answers such as "don't leave games..." or "sorry to hear that, but it's life". I know some trolls will do it, but I already know those. Be more constructive than that. BTW I wrote this while waiting for the 10 minutes good-player-buster. Have an ice day.
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