Regarding The New Updates

Please, stop complaining. It's been less than 48 hours since the updates were rolled out. We have very limited understanding of how this Season is going to work so stop complaining by saying it's horrible or that they ruined everything. Remember what happened last season when the map was changed heavily? Yeah, a total barrage of whining from the community. 2 months on, it was silent and everyone enjoyed the game like nothing had happened. Why do we do this? You guys don't shut up and jump into the bandwagon. If you don't like it, then use time to your advantage because it's the only way we'll know if you truly like it or not. Yes, Stealth Wards and Mana Potions might be gone and yes, there are a lot of new items that have just come out but seriously, are we stooping that low to try revert back to Season 5? I wonder why everyone is scared of change. Is it because everyone has become too comfortable that they don't want to move? Is it because they think they've become great at the game that they want to keep it that way? Change isn't necessarily a bad thing; the community exaggerates the negative aspects of it way too much and the emphasis put into their torrent of negativity just shows that they're only part of the bandwagon. It's only your perspective but after a good 2 months, you'll understand it wasn't too bad and you'll be like everyone else - enjoying the game. All I want to say is that let time do its job and maybe the changes aren't too bad. I'm obviously a victim of this stupid trend that happens every pre-season but you know, I've already found out that it will never be too bad in the end. There's a plethora of changes this time around (including the masteries that completely changed) to the fact that Mana Potions are gone. Why don't we appreciate the fact Riot did something that took more effort to make us think differently compared to just learning the game a bit more?
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