I need advice

Hi guys I'm really suffering right now and need advice. I've been playing league for about 8 months now so i have a fair understanding on the game and competent with about half the champions. In most cases I hold my lane and end even on stats if not positive. Recently though I've been going through an unprecedented rough patch. I'd say I've lost around 45 of the last 60 odd games. Prior to this i was positive 30+ games on my normal's record. I'm negative in ranked a few games but I'm stuck in elo hell in bronze 2. At the moment every 1-7 games I play either 1 person feeds lane, I get an AFk or I have a really bad game and play on tilt. In all honesty I'm all for karma and letting the balance flow as needed but this is starting to really ruin my experience if not kill what ever confidence I had in my ability to play the game. I have tried taking breaks, playing different game types, playing in groups, different roles and nothing has worked. Please don't be too quick to judge as I'm not here to whine or complain. I'm genuinely curious to what is wrong with my game and what I can do to improve it. Please any feel free to post any similar experiences or advice as this is an open conversation.
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