Champion Mastery

I have had this idea lately about Mastery points and any rewards that come with them. When you reach mastery level seven its the end of the line unless you want to grind out mastery points but after that you don't get anything else. Riot could fix this and make it more fun by adding goals like if you get 100k mastery points on a champ you get a new banner (A white one seems cool) or if you are in the top five highest mastery on that champion (on the server) you get a special border and if you drop out of the top five you lose the border. it would also be nice if they could release skins for people who have a 200k mastery or something as releasing a skin for every champ in the game is hard they could just make chromas as chromas are just colors being changed. whether riot wants to make it worth their while and make the chromas more expensive than usual or make them cheaper as a congrats as reaching that milestone. Another good one would be for players who have the most amount of pvp pentakills/ best kda/ kills and you get a banner for each one and you have the option to show off all your banners or just chose which one you wish to display.
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