Is Returning to League of Legends after 6 months worth it?

I quit League of Legends around 6 months ago, planning to never return due to the effect it had on my life. But recently I've been watching a large quantity of videos on League of Legends, and I've being feeling tempted to return to the game. However, I feel like League of Legends will have the same effect it had on me previously. The first major effect that League had on me was my toxicity/anger issues would begin to grow and cause troubles in my everyday life. The second effect was the amount of time I sunk into the game, I'd often hold off school work and essays just to 'improve' at this game, thinking I would become a high elo player (I wish). The last effect the game had on me was the lack of maintaining relationships between others, over a game... I've been told I should come back as the game has improved since I lasted played, and I be told the opposite as well. In the time I've taken a break I've been trying other competitive games so fulfil my crave for a rank system. Its been great so far and I've managed to reach Diamond. The 6 month break has a had a huge impact on my life. In the first month I really struggled to not play League but I managed to not press play log in button. I've noticed changes to my everyday attitude, I've been feeling more positive on a daily basis, and seem have lost my problem of getting angry easily. I've found that I've made a lot more new friends and have rebuilt some of the relationships which I lost due to the game. I'm interested to hear all of your thoughts on the game currently, and whether its worth returning to consider where I am now. Have a wonderful day. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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