Why give champs with lots of mobility, high movement speed also?

Hmmmm, champs whose power comes from them quickly dashing around the battlefield: **Akali:** 3 dashes, 1 blink, **350 ms.** **Yasuo:** ∞ dashes, **345 ms.** **Lee Sin:** 2 dashes, **345 ms.** **Katarina:** resetting blink, **340 ms.** **Kassadin:** 1.2 sec cd blink, **340 ms.** **Ekko:** 1 dash, 1 blink, 1 teleport, **340 ms.** **Diana:** 2 dashes, **340 ms.** **Zed:** 1 dash, 1 blink-thing? 2 reverse blinks. **345 ms.** **Riven:** 4 dashes, **340 ms.** **Vi:** 2 dashes, **340 ms.** **Rengar:** God only knows, **345 ms.** Ok, now lets look at some champs who have no dashes and rely exclusively on movement speed for positioning: **Anivia:** No dashes, **325 ms.** **Mordekaiser:** No dashes, **325 ms.** **Ziggs:** 1 semi-dash pretty much only useful for disengaging, **325 ms.** **Xayah:** No dashes, **325 ms.** What about champs who's entire kit revolves around moving around the map as fast as they can in order to try and be strong: **Aurelion Sol:** No dashes, **325 ms.** **Bard:** No dashes, **330 ms.** **Taliyah:** No dashes, **325 ms.** **KIndred:** 1 dash, **325 ms.** So if you are already mobile, why should you also have greater map pressure and chasing potential? If a Ziggs by some miracle manages to outplay all of Akali's 4 dashes, and get away, she still has enough move speed to just walk up to him and kill him anyway. What are champs like Anivia supposed to do against Ekko and Kassadin. She is already at a major disadvantage by being a squishy mage with no dashes, while they are Assassins pure-bred to kill her. All that happens is that she just gets absolutely blitzed by them every time. Why give them so much advantage? Kindred has to constantly invade the enemy jungle, and the enemy knows exactly where she will be, she has to walk twice the distance than her opponent to get there, during a time when she is at her weakest, and she still has less move speed than already strong junglers like Lee Sin and Yi and Rengar. Honestly, what do you expect her to be able to do? I can understand giving artillery champs like Azir and Lux lower move speed because it'd be dumb if they never had to be near the fight in the first place, but still had an easy time getting away _(cough Xerath 340 ms cough)_. But it makes no sense to give extra mobility to those who are already the most mobile in the game, like Akali and Lee and Riven. Why? I just want to know your reasoning behind this decision.
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