At this point i have no idea.

I've been through two anti-virus programs. Done a troubleshoot with my ISP. I am on fibre, with a wired connection, a 5ghz wifi, a standard wifi. I've re-installed the game. I've disabled firewalls, running as administrator and I am STILL getting League of Legends (TM), Client not responding error. Now the annoying thing is, I'm not getting it every game. I'm not getting it every second game. It happens and I fix it, then it happens two games later. All of my drivers are up to date. I've waited through 5-minute leave busters, 15-minute leave busters and 20-minute leave busters. I no longer have anti-virus on my computer because every time I patch the client it stops working. (Which by the way, if every single other program in the WORLD runs fine and League does not, it isn't everyone else's computer that is the problem). What do I do? I have done every single troubleshooting. I've monitored my network traffic and not for one second do I have a network dropoff. I have no idea why this keeps happening, and I am sick of waiting for leave buster.
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