Why i have no trust in the ban system

So 3 months ago i run into a player that had a completely racist name, to the point it baffled me that anyone would get away with it in league for more then a few days. So i decided to ask him, how long he had the name, the answer was a couple of months, and not only that, he had a racist name before that. Riot you want me to believe you do anything, but it's hard to believe when something that would get an instant 14 day ban, can be in a name, and not just that, this person's name changes aren't being checked after MULTIPLE INFRACTIONS. Because about a week ago, he got his name changed, most likely from enough reports. Now he has an even more Racist name. This player has gone from racist name to racist name with no actual form of punishment, for things i would honestly hope if they were said in chat that they would be picked up, but i honestly know otherwise. If you can't stop someone from having racist names constantly, why should i believe that you have a good ban system? This is the sort of shit that makes me believe board's users these days... because it's not the worst i have fucking seen. Due to name and shame rules i won't be using the name on boards, add me on Discord/League if you want to know what the 3 names were. Discord: JasonWazza #2068 I see how shitty your ban system is day in day out. Not only all of the above, but i actually gave the name to Sera's a week ago, and nothing happened. Maybe now he will listen.
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