What a frustrating lane..

Boy that was an irritating lane O_o I was Gangplank top vs a Nidalee. I was doing the usual GP things _(AFK farming with Q and barrels)_ and trying to deny her farm wherever I could. Legit, as soon as her spear was off cooldown, she would throw it! Almost no hesitation. _(i honestly don't know where the mana came from)_ She would average like 7 - 8 spears a minute I kidd you not, and very time she threw one, as soon as it left her hand, she'd instantly transform into cougar mode in preparation. _(often looking rather foolish and overconfident in her throws, when they didn't land)_ She would also sit in the bush most of the time _(often missing farm)_, because she knew that missiles coming out of the bush aren't visible until WAYYY after they have left the bush _(should probs be fixed btw)_. Being GP _(a fast champ)_ and a mid lane main _(used to skillshots)_ I was able to fairly easily dodge the vast majority of them. But on the odd occasion that one did hit: instant **FLASH + POUNCE + EVERYTHING = DEAD!** Instantly! Like not even enough time to press W for my oranges. Legit _instant_ death. Despite being ahead, having more farm, and better items. 100% hyper-agressive, focusing on nothing else _(her first kill on me was under my tower and she threw the spear from the bush, and burst everything even summs (while low) to get me, just to give me the tower kill seconds after)_. It was incredibly frustrating, managing to dodge 95% of her spears, and then get absolutely demolished when finally one hits. So lane phase ended, I had like double her farm, and I couldn't do a damn thing. So frustrating, I didn't know what I was doing wrong. :S end of narrative xD
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