For TT 3v3 ranked to be available 7 days a week

Hello everybody! I am very into playing TT 3v3 ranked atm. In OCE it is only available on Saturday and Sunday from 3pm-1am. Not many people play it in OCE, but this game mode is pretty fun and I would love to see this game mode be available all week long. However that'd only work with lots of players playing this game mode a lot on weekends for riot to implement a change. Once you've read this you're probably thinking, where is this guy going with this? And that's a fair thought. If anyone is looking for a change of pace or a different experience in league of legends, I highly recommend this game mode and give it a go either on your own or with 2 of your other mates. I know everyone knows what this is, but for people who have disregarded it or are looking for something else in this awesome game that is LoL, give TT 3v3 a go. It's surprisingly fun. And if a player base increases in this game mode it can become available more often in OCE. Thanks everyone for the read! {{item:3090}}
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