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I started playing league in season 5 around when Tahm Kench was released. Between then and now league made a connection with me and has helped me through a tough life stage. The feeling of improving, the competition and challenge of the game is like nothing I've ever experienced. I'm at an all time low with league and am playing way less of it at the moment however since I feel: * Riot have become way more politically correct * The game is less fun than it used to be * You're not giving the players what they want, and have lost a lot of your original vision * Seems like you're making change for changes sake Below is why I think these things: **Varus lore change** This makes me cringe a bit - deleting the lore of a champion for what seems like an initiative to encourage diversity and homosexual rights or something. It feels like the start of a culture of political correctness, rather than focusing on making a kick ass game. Just don't, political correctness and social justice is just annoying now. **Runes reforged** - Fast-paced, snowballs, and too unforgiving when behind - There's a lot of cheese - Has largely made redundant the learning and training put into the game - requires way more stat checking with runes etc - Has lost strategic depth, and games feel like they're lost early while you wait 10-20 minutes for a game to finish - Has overall made the game way worse **Hextech crafting / levelling changes** Progress with levelling feels slower, and hex tech is an annoying way to get content, and a dishonest way to monetise. **URF** The players want URF. I want URF. The lack of response around it in the past and the lying was shitty, as are your excuses. What to people think?
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