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**Pacific Peninsula** (PP) ##Introduction --- **Who are we?** Pacific Peninsula currently consists of a small group of individuals ready to willingly host and organize tournaments and events for League of Legends and its Oceanic community. We are a community based organisation with high expectations and high motivation and dedication in persisting to deliver a Pacific Peninsula standard. After our initial tournament we received support and words of kindness that could never be anticipated. Our first online tournament consisted of 14 teams who successfully signed up. 12 which successfully checked and battled. The stream had a average of 30~ viewers for the duration of 6 hours. Reaching a peak of 44 viewers. These statistics were extremely unexpected but seeing as we have the **support**, we want to **carry** on forward. What is our aim? We are in the beginning of everything and need people to help us create and further our movement. Pacific Peninsula aim to bring the community a fun chance to collide and collaborate with each other in a peaceful manner. We want the community to feel appreciated, we want people to feel they belong somewhere. As of now we have a tournament each month. Once crew is hired, we can successfully provide Oceania with tournaments on a WEEKLY basis. Working together we can create and organize all kinds of events for YOU to enjoy. Keep an eye out on the boards and PP social media to keep up-to-date on upcoming events. Alternatively use the community events link to directly view what tournaments are available. Pacific Peninsula are proud to announce will be running an event next month on December the 20th! Details will be released as soon as possible. --- ##Recruitment **What we need?** We need to find a team of 15 people with the right mindset willing to join and assist us: ##NOTE: All Pacific Peninsula members MUST read and fully understand the current online tournament rules, they can be found here: **Official Streamers / Shoutcasters** x 4 **Currently on board: Nijiiyo** Currently we have 1 official streamer. As a streamer, as it is planned currently, each streamer will have a time they need to stream on a week in each month. They will work with their assigned Event Co-ordinator in successfully streaming it on the day of event. As of now, you will only be required to stream once a month. With 5 streamers in-hand, we will be able to run off a rotation. 1 month has 4 weeks, 4 streamers stream once in that month whilst one has a bye, giving streamers a break and/or a chance to help the team in a different way. Our currently streamer works as both a shoutcaster and streamer. This is not essential but would be a huge bonus in keeping things tight. **Event Co-ordinators** x 4 Currently bollockz is the only Event Co-ordinator. I need 4 more people to join us in hosting and organizing tournaments. As it is for streamers, it is the same for Event Co-ordinators, you will work hand-in-hand with your assigned streamer and produce an outcome that meets and/or exceeds the PP standard. Each month you will have a designated time and day for an event that you will plan. For now we may only host ONLINE tournaments via the events page. We are able to host other kinds of events, if you have ideas and wish to further them, speak with bollockz for actioning your plans. Each month 1 co-ordinator will receive a bye. Allowing them to work with the team in another aspect or simply, relax and enjoy. ~~Website Designer x1~~ **Position filled by: UG Trident40** Need a website designer who is willing to spend time coding and appropriately styling the Pacific Peninsula site. You will work close-in-hand with bollockz and the team to organize a proficient website style that is eye catching and will generate a crowd. You will need experience in implementing multiple website apps, in the future we plan to have a tournament ladder / bracketing system. Registration system and member system with IM chat. An events calendar, an e-mail form etc. If help is required for this task, I will allow you to appoint a person of your choice, if approved, they can work with you and be inducted to Pacific Peninsula and the team. We have a domain ready and web hosting is provided by our sponsor! **Graphics Designer** x2 Currently we have 1 graphics designer. Need graphics designers with experience in clan and gaming/e-sports related art. We need modern art to style the website, facebook page, twitch page, after-match reports, special logos, promotional art and social communications etc. ~~Communications & Promotions Manager x1~~ **Position filled by: Junko** Communications Manager deals with social media aspects, posting and creating articles and/or newsletters/reports. Creating and stylizing appropriate documents for agreements, newsletters, organisation induction, guidelines, rule book etc. Dealing with any second-hand contact that will be passed onto Tournament Official (TO) in this case, bollockz. You will ensure Pacific Peninsula maximizes its reach to OCE players via all sources of communication and promotion. You must be active to ensure you can post after tournaments, special events and/or any major news within the organisation. **Twitch Administrator** x1 We need one individual to create a welcoming vibe on the twitch stream. You will need to manage twitch chat and successfully appoint moderators, you will be constantly reviewed on your management. You may appoint up to 10 moderators to help moderate the chat with you, they will only be moderators of the chat, they will have no direct association with Pacific Peninsula. Bollockz will work with everyone to ensure everything operates smoothly. With this team fulfilled with appropriate crew we will form a board and a team to operate under the best possible circumstances bringing the community events consistently and proficiently. Currently, there is no form of pay, this is all Non-for-Profit (NFP), as we are NFP, all time is essentially volunteered time. Pacific Peninsula is small and community based, in which pay cannot be provided at this point in time. If things go well and Pacific Peninsula see's an incline of success, hopefully things see change. --- ##Sponsorships Pacific Peninsula after it's first tournaments success, was offered a sponsorship by Priority Hosting. We gladly accepted and are now proud to say we have a first sponsor! Checkout []( for all your game, web and voice server hosting needs! We are currently looking for more sponsors as we wish to grow. If you have anything to offer Pacific Peninsula and wish to work hand-in-hand with us, please refer to the contact section and speak with bollockz. Thanks for reading, and if you think YOU have what it takes to be apart of the team, please message bollockz and refer to the contact section below. --- ##Contact us **IGN:** bollockz **Skype:** helloyesiamson **E-mail:** **Twitter:** **Facebook:** **TeamSpeak:** (Currently in progress of attaining via sponsor!)
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