Rune Pages - Why do they need to be bought and not be like Mastery Pages?

I am writing this to Riot in hope for a response, Why do rune pages have to be bought in order to make more for different champions? I find it a little irritating and pointless, some players may forget to switch their runes around as you only get two starting ones, I don't want to use my RP or IP to buy more pages. Wouldn't it be more convenient to add rune pages just like how mastery pages are free and can be added and modified at will. 2 slots is not enough, and using IP, let alone RP, in order to possess more is in my opinion a waste. I would find it more ideal and beneficial if I can make more rune pages for all my champions without having to change them every time I play. I know it is not that time consuming to switch the runes out and to make new ones, but to me it just doesn't make any sense as to why they should cost extra to be bought. Thanks for any comments or support

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