There needs to be a crackdown on champs building no damage, and hurting a lot.

Call me old-fashioned, but I'm a strong believer in the logic of: _If you build full damage, you should kill things easily, but also be killed easily. And in reverse, if you build full tank, you should be very difficult to kill, but also have a hard time killing anything else too._ That seems to have fallen by the wayside with a number of champions. For example: Kench, Mundo, Zac, Garen build either full tank, or almost full tank _(with like 1 damage item that also gives health like Black Cleaver or RoA)_. So they are extremely hard to kill, and yet pump out ridiculous amounts of damage. If any champion wants to deal damage, they should be forced to itemise for that. If you build 1 damage item, you should do roughly a 6th of the damage a champ who builds 6 damage items does _(obviously within reason allowing for individual kits)_. Certainly theres nothing the average burst mage can do about a near 5000K HP Mundo or Kench bearing down on them. Agreed no burst mage should be able to burst Mundo/Kench in any way that poses a threat to the tank, but equally, they shouldn't be frightened of Mundo/Kench pumping out stupid damage. Considering the mobility and CC all of these champs have, I don't think they shouldn't have the damage they do, whilst also being a nearly un-killable tank. Give them a Thornmail, and theres not a lot many ADCs can do either _(which is ironic seeming sustained damage output is supposed to be the counter for tanks)_ Can we please have a crackdown on these champs who do too much damage while having so few (if any) damage items?
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