Three days and I'm already sick of this game

"Don't bother playing League" people told me. "It's basically dead, its toxic as hell and you'll be bored of it within a week." Me: "Oh come on it can't be all that bad? I love a bit of strategic gameplay and lots of wacky champions to fool around with so I'm sure I'll get my own fun out of it regardless of what people say!" Fast forward three days later. This game is a thousand times more unpleasant than I ever could have imagined. The people suck, the community sucks, the repetitive gameplay sucks and the developers suck. Losing a game is frustrating, winning a game is exhausting, playing the game for any amount of time is an excercise in pure tedium. The only benefit I've gotten out of this experience is seeing for myself what an absolute hot bubbling mess of witch pus it is. Enjoy your garbage fire, I'm off to play literally anything else.
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