Make sure you don't say anything to anyone, /mute all

What happened to being told why you were banned?
So just got banned, and nothing is telling me why exactly i was banned, from memory your supposed to be able to find out when you first log back in, and that never happened.
These chat logs, got me from no ban history, to a 14 day ban, and i am making a new thread, because the old one everyone may not see. This tells me a few things. GD'ers are being targeted A large majority of the League population should be banned based on this. Your best bet to not get banned is just /mute all Don't ever defend your teammates from flamers, lest you get reported and banned. [1:12] JasonWazza (Thresh): music is muted [18:51] [All] JasonWazza (Thresh): RIP [21:48] [All] JasonWazza (Thresh): i've done my job bot [22:57] [All] JasonWazza (Thresh): another one [24:17] JasonWazza (Thresh): says feeding lux [24:51] JasonWazza (Thresh): you need to learn to not feed your ass off [25:21] JasonWazza (Thresh): lux [25:23] JasonWazza (Thresh): your 0/6 [25:25] JasonWazza (Thresh): stop talking [25:41] JasonWazza (Thresh): i got my adc fed [25:48] JasonWazza (Thresh): how am I the one not focusing on the game? [26:35] JasonWazza (Thresh): your the mid laner that caused the free inhib [26:39] JasonWazza (Thresh): i don't control your feeding [28:20] [All] JasonWazza (Thresh): i like how our lux [28:25] [All] JasonWazza (Thresh): is trying to blame everyone else [28:30] [All] JasonWazza (Thresh): for her feeding her ass off [28:34] [All] JasonWazza (Thresh): it's so entertaining [28:54] JasonWazza (Thresh): yes you fucking are [29:06] JasonWazza (Thresh): you were just whineing about me feeding our adc [29:53] JasonWazza (Thresh): LUX YOU LOST LANE [29:59] JasonWazza (Thresh): YOU LOSING LANE IS WHY WE ARE LOSING [30:08] JasonWazza (Thresh): DON'T BLAME A DOWNED INHIB ON ANYONE ELSE [30:46] JasonWazza (Thresh): lux you died so often, no one can always be mid for that [31:07] JasonWazza (Thresh): you and riven are why we are losing [31:17] JasonWazza (Thresh): you can't blame people for your inability to not feed [32:37] JasonWazza (Thresh): i can blame you for dying 7 times [32:41] JasonWazza (Thresh): * [32:44] JasonWazza (Thresh): 8 [32:50] JasonWazza (Thresh): being not as good [32:54] JasonWazza (Thresh): is not an excuse to feed [33:42] JasonWazza (Thresh): LUX WE CAN'T WIN [33:44] JasonWazza (Thresh): YOU FUCKED US [33:52] JasonWazza (Thresh): DON'T PRETEND WE CAN CARRY YOUR FAT ASS [34:15] JasonWazza (Thresh): it's not my inability [34:26] JasonWazza (Thresh): it's your inability to not just sit back and farm [34:45] JasonWazza (Thresh): it's not about you not being good enough [34:53] JasonWazza (Thresh): being good enough has nothing to do with feeding [34:56] JasonWazza (Thresh): your feeding [35:00] JasonWazza (Thresh): that is the issue [14:26] JasonWazza (Thresh): hey swain [14:33] JasonWazza (Thresh): uninstall league for me [14:58] JasonWazza (Thresh): lol [15:05] JasonWazza (Thresh): you have same brain issues to work on [19:05] JasonWazza (Thresh): thank swain for that [20:05] [All] JasonWazza (Thresh): not sure i would call this a good game honestly [7:08] [All] JasonWazza (Poppy): fizz and riven feeding [7:12] [All] JasonWazza (Poppy): sounds about right [7:50] JasonWazza (Poppy): why would i? [7:58] JasonWazza (Poppy): you getting dumpstered [8:01] JasonWazza (Poppy): and are always dead [9:46] JasonWazza (Poppy): wow the feeding useless fizz is amazing [18:27] JasonWazza (Poppy): #normsexcusesfeeding [20:15] [All] JasonWazza (Poppy): no that's what happens when riven feeds [20:36] [All] JasonWazza (Poppy): why would i gank a feeding riven? [22:10] [All] JasonWazza (Poppy): meanwhile fizz is being useless [22:15] [All] JasonWazza (Poppy): and riven is afk [22:27] [All] JasonWazza (Poppy): lol again [22:32] [All] JasonWazza (Poppy): complaints about me not ganking [22:38] [All] JasonWazza (Poppy): 1. You don't gank feeding lanes [22:50] [All] JasonWazza (Poppy): 2. Riven and Fizz are shit lanes to gank for [22:56] [All] JasonWazza (Poppy): 3. Ganking a fed [23:05] [All] JasonWazza (Poppy): Brand and Kennen makes no sense [23:22] [All] JasonWazza (Poppy): norms excuses feeding [23:38] [All] JasonWazza (Poppy): yes we are [24:02] [All] JasonWazza (Poppy): nothing can be fixed when they feed their asses off and are trash bronzies [24:09] [All] JasonWazza (Poppy): btw i won't get banned because i am right ;) [24:48] [All] JasonWazza (Poppy): then why haven't i been banned before? [24:54] [All] JasonWazza (Poppy): i talk like this all the time [1:28] [All] JasonWazza (Skarner): meh i'm a jungler [13:11] [All] JasonWazza (Skarner): so i got minion blocked on blitz's fat ass [30:59] [All] JasonWazza (Skarner): worthless star guardians [31:04] [All] JasonWazza (Skarner): doing sweet fuck all [38:55] JasonWazza (Skarner): you guys are fucking worthless [39:37] JasonWazza (Skarner): nothing is the answer [43:02] JasonWazza (Skarner): star guardians still doing nothing [47:10] JasonWazza (Skarner): so why the fuck [47:15] JasonWazza (Skarner): are you so far back?
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