Unfair RIOT

My account has just been permanently banned by RIOT who state that I have been levelling up my account by botting. I bought this account 3 weeks ago (which I know a lot of people do, however it was unranked when I bought it and I have since reached plat 5). So it must be that the account was levelled up by someone using automated bots for the purpose of selling it which I was unaware of. However they are banning my account now thus the only person being punished is me. I find this completely unfair. As the game is now it is too time consuming and boring levelling up an account and gaining the blue essence to play ranked so I think it is ridiculous that RIOT expects each player who wants a new account to have to do this. My main issue is that I am the only person being punished here however I have done nothing wrong. No one gains anything from banning my account so what is the point of it? All they are doing is upsetting me, who has put a lot of time and effort into this game and thoroughly enjoy it. Why wont RIOT help me? Once again they are not assisting any of their stakeholders.
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