Do reports even exist?

I might be a noob or something else but I have something that has really irritated me ever since I started playing norms and ranked. I understand people getting frustrated and telling other players off in ranked because its the real deal. However, I have found that there are more people who flame other players in norms other than ranked! It is unbelievable how people can have the nerve to tell someone off when you've never even met your teammate before and put them down and make them feel bad and do shit the whole game. Now, regarding reporting players for their shitty behaviour in PvP games, where do the reports go? Does anyone even bother to check the report? I mean there are so many people out there that keep flaming and thinking they can say whatever they want whenever they want and riot isnt doing anything about it. Do they not care about the behaviour of their playerbase? Its horrible even though its "a game" and we're here to "enjoy ourselves", not put up with other people shit that they have with you. So the real question is... What happens when players get reported? and why is no action taken against those who keep "terrorising" the rift? You could call its cyber bullying because they do it pretty much every game. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
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