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I have no idea why riot removed my opinions justiftying lux is in fact a poor champion and me stating people who pick lux in competitive setting have distorted perception about the champion. I started first game of s8 with a lux support who literally brought nothing positive in our team and made sure our adc lost lane. Maybe the person like other lux zealots way top deluded thinking her kits are perpect to be used as support, ignoring her performance as support or even in mid lane. She is in fact a poor champion and you cannot better out of her by getting more skilled. Even ahri I think she definitely has problem brining enough ap dmg for the team [considering how ahri mains use flash, summ spell, and even hextech items between skillshots to somehow make dmg just enough to burst down adc]. If you guys saying me a jerk who simply stating a fact that she is in fact a poor performing champion which is backed up by reasonable amount of arguments, i think you are acting way too ignorant. I cant remember a single game of league without someone saying a single f word during a game. Then you guys simply admitted your community is a full of jerks. She is in fact a shit champion and her kits are way too dumb simple that you cant make much out of her vs decent players. If ppl try to make ez way out of ranked by being lazy and picking a certain champion due to a look only, totally ignoring what is really expected from a mid laner, those people definitely have attitude problems. I believe you are obligated to give your best shot in every single game, especially as a mid laner for your team and she is not definitely not the one in most of the match ups.
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