Ocean Week Competition: Beware of the fake claims! & Try your luck!

I myself am entering the competition for the Pool Party Skins/ 2D art. I usually check on Instagram and Twitter to see what i'm up against. I see good artworks and decide to like it but usually, i check deviantArt and i see the very same artwork on it and realise it's not actually theirs. Riot please make sure that it is their artwork beforehand (just to be safe) despite it already being written in the rules (some people just don't listen e.g feeders). I don't want my hard work to be lost over people who steal other's people's artwork so this is my reasoning for forming this thread. By the way, for you other guys who have given up, don't. Yes the drawing category has much better prizes than the diorama but don't forget they both share good prizes. There is only 1 diorama uploaded so far on Instagram and none on Twitter! If you're lucky, you might be able to win the prize even if it's not that great (just make sure it looks like a champion, you put work in it and that it is yours)! Today is the 23rd, just 3 more days to go guys! xD
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