Worlds 2018 Viewing Party - Still missing skin codes? Read this.

Hi everyone, If you attended a Worlds 2018 viewing party at either an Event or Village Cinema and bought your tickets online then **by now you should have received your skin codes for Cosmic Queen Ashe to the email address that you used when purchasing your tickets**, so please check your email including any spam filters. But we're aware that some players are still yet to receive their code email. We're working together with Event Cinemas to locate skin codes for any players who bought their viewing party tickets online but have still have not received their codes via email. So if you purchased your ticket online and have yet to receive a skin code email, please send the email address that you used when purchasing the ticket to and we will follow up with Event (we can sort you out even faster if you include a copy of your online tickets). We don't normally send replies out from this inbox but once we get your codes we'll reply back with them (every online ticket purchase has a code assigned to it) as it's the best solution we've got right now. Small indy company, after all. Thanks for your patience while we resolve this. If you purchased your tickets at the venue and would like a code, please [lodge a ticket with Player Support]( providing: - proof of purchase of any kind - Summoner name of account/s you'd like the skin on - a brief message to let them know why you're contacting them (give em some context don't just send them a pic of your scrunched up receipt and your summoner name, yea?) ...and we'll sort you out.
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