I am so fed up with salty teammates.

So when I first joined the game, I’d play lots of bots. Now, I play pvp with my friend and oh, boy. If you’re someone like me, who’s unranked, you’ll know how salty your team can get. If you die, “omg stop feeding stfu”. I am extremely annoyed about how your team can get ultra salty just because you’re bad at the game. Maybe you could fix up the matchmaking because my friend and I, who are both unranked, get matched with a silver 5 and a bronze 2. I know that your rank doesn’t necessarily represent your skill, but still. I would be happy to be waiting in a queue for longer to get fairer matchups. I’m sick of people flaming and saying “report” I get that a lot of people will disagree with me, but it’s just my opinion.
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