Sandbox Mode's Major Flaws

Before I start let me say I love the idea of sandbox mode. It's going to make so many of the more obscure parts of learning league easier to get your head around (wave management, jungle clear paths, etc). I also want to say I know it hasn't been released yet and there may be content missing, and if this is the case then some of what I say will be rendered redundant. _However_ it does lack some of the features that can be deemed necessary for someone who is either new to the game or someone who isn't but wants a refresher on certain aspects. Most of the flaws fall under a restriction of content, but other flaws are simply game design issues that probably can't be fixed without overhauling how sandbox is played. **** **First off:** The inability to spawn in certain champs. Whilst you can choose a bot to face, this is not enough in most cases. I'll get back to this later as it ties very closely into the second point. This also goes for the inability to summon other units. Granted I can make the jungle camps spawn and stop the minion waves from spawning, that's all well and good, but what if I wanted to see some mechanic involving multiple waves of minions? Would I have to set up dummy barriers and then constantly skip the time? What if I wanted to see if Tibbers or Daisy could remove Rek'Sai tunnels? I guess I'll just have to ask a friend to go into a custom match and play it till level 6 just to see. **Secondly:** The limitation of unit selection. The problem with this one is that it is a _game restriction_. Meaning League of Legends itself is not designed to incorporate this feature (to the extent of my knowledge anyway). For those of you who don't understand what it is I'm saying; **You are unable to select a unit that is not your player champion, and control them independently of said player champion.** An example of this is if you were to spawn in another champion, you cannot control them. This is a major flaw in the system, as this greatly restricts what players would go into a sandbox environment to test. _(For those wondering where point one comes in this is it)_ Say you wanted to see what happened when Syndra ulted someone behind a Braum shield. Would the ultimate get blocked? Would the first ball be blocked but the others pass through? Would they all do reduced damage? Whilst you can assume what will happen, you won't know unless you try. _But here's the catch. You can't test this in sandbox mode, as you can't make a Braum use his shield and have a Syndra ult him._ **Thirdly:** You cannot give bots items. This ties into the first two points, but for a somewhat different reason. This is a flaw because you cannot test a variety of things regarding interactions of champions with respect to their items. Imagine if you will, that you wanted to see what playing your favourite champ in a different role/build style would be like, but you didn't want to take them into a game. That's fine! with the current sandbox mode you can go into a game, buy your items, level up and wail on a dummy to see your damage output. Huzzah! You can test how much damage you do. The issue arises when you want to play your favourite champ normally, but up against a certain match-up. _How much damage does an AP Nautilus do in the toplane against my AD Pantheon? If I build tank Kha'Zix can I still one-shot a lategame ADC?_ The examples go on but I think you get the point. This is related to the second point, as you cannot control another unit in order to have them buy specific items, nor is there a way to give the items to other units. **...Fourthly? Fourth Point:** The sandbox mode is designed around either learning obscure game mechanics or testing your damage output. What about your support players? Yes you can spawn in an allied dummy but their resistances and health are set. What if I wanted to see how much I could heal and protect my full build lategame Caitlyn as a support Leona? The shields I give to a dummy don't reflect how valuable a shield on my Caitlyn would be, as they have different resistances. **** Overall the new mode is a great tool, but it's lacking in a few aspects. It's like a Swiss Army Knife, only the bottle opener, nail file and pliers are missing. It's still useful for some things, but its lacking the good stuff. If you don't agree with anything, think of anything to add, or want clarification on something, feel free to ask or let me know. I'd love to hear other's opinions on this so I know if I'm just being a whiny baby or if I actually thought of some decent stuff. See you on the Rift. Or hopefully not because I'm trash. Unless you're even more trash then I hope to see you. On the other team.
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