Please league-senpai teach me the error of my ways!

Please, show me what a true S+ looks like, so I can bask in its glory, and repent for the clear errors I made in this game. I have failed you, I only had 92% kill participation, 8% short of your expectation!. Please let me humbly fall upon my sword for disgracing you so! Im sorry I was so selfish, I should have thrown myself into the enemy team and died with honour, allowing them shut-down gold, instead of maintaining my perfect game. I had 1 CS less than our ADC, please accept my humblest apologies, I know you can not abide your students being second best. I prioritised farming champions over minions. I have desecrated your teachings! I know excuses are meaningless at this point, but I swear I would have had more CS if Garen, Kai'sa and myself hadn't had to permanently follow Tryndamere around wherever he went to 3v1 him to stop him shredding our team and objectives, and even then either Garen or Kai'sa _(often both)_ had to give their lives before he could finally be slain, even in a 3v1. I failed to protect them, I don't even deserve to stand before you now.. Please show me what an S+ is supposed to be, so I can redeem my failings and bring honour to my family. {{sticker:sg-janna}}
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