Just played the new akali.... What the fuck riot.

Cooldowns are up, damage is down, healing has been nerfed, and the biggest most overlooked thing? new passive doesnt hit towers like old passive. Im literally 400 games invested into akali across 3 accounts. And im quitting as of today, ive played one game of the new rework, and thats one game too many. You took a champion, who is supposed to be played around her sustain capacity, and removed her sustain. You made her into a burst based assassin. But nerfed her damage which is retarded because unlike other burst assassins her scalings were already low as fuck and her base damage isnt enough to burst. The only thing you kept from her kit, is her mobility, and even thats down because one dash on her w every 20 seconds does not make up for for the fucking ult cd nerf, 2 seconds flat as opposed to 1 second at level 3, thats a 100% increase in cd. and the e received a 200% cooldown increase. With the current kit i honestly would not be surprised if a full ad akali that does nothing but auto attack and stick to you would be infinitely more viable than ap akali right now, because like i said her kit is fucking useless after the nerfs. And in her current state, find me one example where i would play akali, instead of diana. Because diana does literally everything akali does right now, only better. 2 second ult cooldown? diana has a 0 second ult cooldown after the first ult assuming you land a q, or a 3.3 second ult cooldown to chain infinite ults, which means she can ult more than akali. Ranged poke? dianas q not only hits more targets it also does more damage and has a higher range. Utility w? i dunno about you but a shield that helps me last longer than 0.5 seconds when i go to engage is much better than dodging like what 2 auto attacks and delaying a targeted ability by half a second while im in stealth from the w. e reverse knockback? vs 3 second cooldown ability that does less damage than the 2 second cooldown ult, and only has the purpose of doing damage. ult? both a dash, both instant cast, diana has slight better range, diana has nearly twice akalis scaling. Passives? first auto of akali is a 60% bonus ad 30% ap heal so assuming around 500 ap its a 150 hp heal second hit is a 50% bonus 50% ap damage ability so 250 magic damage Dianas passive is a 80% ap scaling auto attack every 3 autos. At base attack speed on both champs (akali 0.695 diana 0.725) akali would get off both hits of her passive before diana can get her passive off specficially 0.1 seconds before akali can pop her passive, in the time it takes diana to do 160% of her ap from two procs of her passive akali can get off 2 of her passives, on the third proc of dianas passive however akali will only be halfway through the 6 second cooldown of her own passive, further more we are talking 240% ap vs 150% ap and a total time auto attacking each other of 12.4 seconds so not a pretty viable comparison but also one that shows diana not only has more burst than akali, but also more sustain. Up until now diana has always been "akali but better, minus the spellvamp" now she is just "akali but better" Now i understand why best akali FL quit. And if i didnt play other champions? id quit too with these changes.
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