A real communication problem.

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A while ago, in the old client, Riot changed the chat system so that everyone would see the champ-select calls in the same order, and this seemed to be working fine _(at least from what i saw)_. But recently there seems to be a lot more lane-disputes happening, which inevitably causes a lot of tension within the team. I think that somehow _(likely with the installation of the new client, i would guess)_ this system is no longer functioning correctly. I think that its a real problem, but with such an easy solution. It has been fixed before, It shouldn't be too hard to take another look at it now? as proof that the system is no longer working as it once did, I have attached a picture of my champion select chat in a couple of recent games, accompanied by my friend's chat in the same 2 games. My friend called jungle both games. In game 1, he called jungle first on his screen, but on mine it said that the other person had called first. In game 2, he called jungle first, and it didn't even register in my chat at all. So i thought id bring this to attention here. Is anyone else experiencing similar problems? What are your thoughts on the problem?
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