So I tried smurfing on silver 4 account (plat 2 main) (semi-serious although still trying)

So I decided to try smurfing as title says. The last 10 on the match history were the ones I played this smurfing session Albeit I certainly wasn&#039;t trying as hard as I would on my main, and I didn&#039;t go there to actually try to rise or win mainly just to see how bad it was. And yeah, it was bad, so the jax game and the zed jungle game were both game I had with an AFK on my team (never connected from start of game) and other games where my team was just so unbelievably heavy, that Fiora game, I had a lot of deaths but a large majority of them were me single handedly pushing top inhib, I ended up 1v4ing a couple a times and also got an unofficial penta, team was so ridiculously weak absolutely unreal how much the skill between players fluctuates. I&#039;m not really trying to imply anything here, simply showing I myself a player, who has achieved platinum 2 (and peaked at platinum 1) has come onto an account ranked silver 4 and lost the majority of games they have played, of course, I don&#039;t zed jungle in plat, i dont play fiora in plat, and I didn&#039;t have my preferred runes, and it&#039;s not that the silvers were good or anything teams can just be so heavy it&#039;s insane. anyways here&#039;s my plat account lolking, this may make some silver nublets feel better about their rank i guess. Disclaimer: If I went full try hard with my favourite champs and runes I could quite easily rise I&#039;m sure, and also 1 ounce of motivation to win the game would be nice (I&#039;m basically treating these ranked as normal games hence Zed jungle) <--- My main
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