Yet another prestige skin? Well that's odd.

IMO prestige skins are starting to feel like they are overpriced chromas. Sure they look better than the base but not compared to an ultimate skin at least. Ultimate skins in NZ cost around 30 sheep dollars, compared to the previous prestige skins, the price may vary depending on the amount of time spent playing to get the coins required. Personally I spent 13700 rp - that's a lot of ultimate skins - around 100+ sheep$. - Yep I couldn't play a lot because life and work, what can I do? - I'm alright with it though since Riot is selling it as a "rare" and a "collectors edition" skin. But with how the first 2 prestige skins only came out a couple of months ago and a new one is already about to come out this patch. It's starting to feel like these skins would lose their value pretty quickly - in terms of rarity. If a skin would only be a "rarity" because of its price, I think that's just dumb (IMO / I dunno). I have a feeling they'll just pull a legacy skin prank which I wouldn't mind if it wasn't for the pricing or effort involved. If this is the case, I think it wouldn't justify the effort or the expensive price to obtain a better chroma that is inferior to an ultimate skin by design. It just looks like an easy cash grab at this point. There's nothing rare about releasing one prestige skin every month or two. Sure its a different champion skin every time but to me that just sounds like a flavour of the month kind of thing? I'd surely miss out if I don't buy this current one, but I know there's going to be another one *very* soon anyway, so meh. Not thinking about the fact that this time Riot didn't even say "we won't release these skins ever again!" Even if they did say so but they still kept releasing a lot prestige skins, they can just go "we don't see a lot of players using earlier prestige skins (Because we released 10-12 prestige skins every year and collectors stopped caring altogether) so we'll just release them again (RIP your collector soul)". _**Prestige**_: respect and admiration given to someone or something, usually because of a reputation for high quality, success, or social influence I don't even know why it's being called prestige... My first post I think, sorry for the bad structure. I'm not.

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