Linking the "Blood Brothers"

A few weeks ago I recently saw a post up on, stating the pretty old changes to everyone's "favourite" champion: {{champion:119}} when they had 1st released {{champion:119}} since he was the brother of {{champion:122}} they wanted to make passives symbolic to each other, and thus the bleed. For all u more "experienced" layers out there u may know that his old passive was like {{champion:122}}'s, but as and ADC character that relies on AA it kinda proved to be way too OP, so they changed it to the passive we still have today, so I came up with a suggestion for a new passive for {{champion:119}} . So like a {{champion:223}} passive, _every 3 Q empowered AA will cause 1 stack, when the target reaches 3 stacks the next empowered Q will proc the stacks causing a_ (small or large) _DoT to the target._ I think the Dot should scale with AP rather than AD but that is debatable. Also, the stacks won't refreshed if u would AA (like a {{champion:161}} passive) without the spinning axes, because {{champion:119}}'s whole playstyle is centred on catching and throwing and kiting successfully, so if u don't have ur Q active ur passive will not proc. _New Mechanic: If there is an ally {{champion:122}} on team and the target is afflicted with Hemorrhage instead of applying a bleed from {{champion:119}}'s passive u will instead add one stack of Hemorrhage if there are less than 5 or refresh the duration if there are already 5_ So what do u think about my idea for {{champion:119}}? are they good or bad or need some re-thinking?
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