Blind Pick

Hello, I am feel very concerned about the unfairness of this team building option. Many times, I've been paired with people very over or very below my level. In one game, I keep dying because a player is mega OP, and in another game, I keep getting fed. I then realize at the need of the game that me (lvl17) have been playing against a lvl28 with Tier 1 runes, or a lvl9 player. It's either really frustrating because you're the source of the enemy feeding, or there is no honor in winning because you just massacred a new player and he is not even understanding why all this is happening. Don't expect them to like the game because of such unfairness. Blind pick must not mix Tier 1 players (lvl20-30) with tier 2 (lvl10-19) or tier 3 (lvl1-9). For team builders, it should not allow such mixes as well. What do you guys think?
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