Im done

I need help. I am considering trieing to hang myself for a third time. I need know suicidehelpline etc. but they dont help. They dont know my story. I trust GD league more than any of my "friends" who i really only hang around so that i dont look like a loner. I am posting this from this acc so i dont get any spam on my main. I have dreams of playing league professionaly but my parents dont trust it/me and think it is not going to happen. I have a account in Master but doubt i would get challenger with limitations and restrictions that i have because of parents view of this as a waste of time. I have numerous times been told that i should forget it or do something else but i dont have anything else. I suck at school obv have 0 social skills and am done with being alone in this world. sry about bothering GD but i promised my someone i would talk to someone and this is the best way that i feel i can talk.
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